It’s Your Turn!
Share your own performance, poem, essay or photo with us.

Some years ago it became my life’s dream to write a bunch of poems about science, poems that would be both fun and instructional, poems to simultaneously entertain you and help you become life-long learners.

That’s why I am inviting you to join me in the wonderful work of awakening the joy of learning in the hearts of your generation. Look back through the pages of any of our books, pick-out a piece that you really like, then do something with it and send it to me. You might make a video of you and your friends performing it; or create your own original illustration or animation; or write your own original poem or play; or simply write your thoughts after reading it; or maybe something else I can’t even imagine.

As time goes by we at Brod Bagert’s HeART of Science will be selecting some of your material and (with your permission) sharing it with others just like you. I hope that many of you will accept this invitation and have fun doing it. There may even be a few of you who will like it a lot, a few of you for whom it will become the joy of your lives, as it has been in mine. Maybe you’ll be the ones to help take this HeART of Science concept to a whole new level. Maybe, eventually, you’ll be the stars that bring light to the night skies of your generation. Please accept this as your invitation.